HIFU - High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound

What is HIFU?

HIFU, or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a cutting-edge medical technology making waves in the world of cosmetic treatments. It utilises highly concentrated sound waves to heat targeted skin areas, stimulating collagen production and promoting a firmer, more youthful appearance.

HIFU boasts a range of applications, but it first gained recognition in cosmetics around 2008, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional facelifts and skin tightening procedures.

How Does HIFU Work?

HIFU’s magic lies in its ability to target and precisely heat the deeper layers of your skin using focused ultrasound energy. This targeted thermal stimulation triggers the natural production of collagen, the protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

The increased collagen production leads to noticeable improvements after the first session, including

  • Tighter, firmer skin,
  • Reduced wrinkles,
  • Improved skin tone.

This minimally invasive process offers a non-surgical approach to achieving a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Body Contouring

Say goodbye to surgery for stubborn fat! HIFU Body Contouring, also known as HIFU Body Sculpting Fat Loss Treatment, is a revolutionary innovation in non-surgical fat removal.

This cutting-edge technology presents a welcome alternative to liposuction, offering visible results without incision.

HIFU Body Sculpting goes beyond traditional fat-freezing methods, effectively targeting larger areas and hard-to-treat zones.

So, how does it work? HIFU Body Contouring utilises high-intensity focused ultrasound to penetrate deep into the skin (between 6 and 16mm). This targeted energy delivery destroys fat cells in the treated area. Additionally, it stimulates collagen production, leading to tighter, firmer skin.

Here’s why HIFU Body Contouring might be the perfect choice for you:

  • Non-surgical: No need for invasive procedures or incisions.
  • Targets stubborn fat: Effectively addresses areas resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Larger treatment areas: Treats broader zones and areas unsuitable for Cryoliposys.
  • Double benefit: Eliminates fat cells and promotes skin tightening through collagen production.

HIFU Body Contouring offers a safe and effective way to achieve your body sculpting goals without surgery.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Facelift

Embrace a youthful appearance without the commitment of surgery! HIFU Facelift, also known as HIFU Facial, offers a 21st-century solution for non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

This innovative approach provides a remarkably less expensive alternative to traditional facelifts, ideal for individuals with mild to moderate signs of aging.

Ditch the pain, extended recovery time, and potential complications associated with surgery. HIFU Facial offers a gentler yet effective approach to achieving your desired results.

Here’s how HIFU Facelift can benefit you:

  • Skin tightening in the neck area
  • Reduced wrinkles across the face
  • Diminished double chin appearance
  • Tighter, smoother skin on the chest (décolletage)
  • Lifted eyebrows and eyelids

Invest in a younger-looking you with HIFU Facelift before committing to the significant costs and risks of surgical intervention.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Benefits: HIFU Pros and Cons

HIFU has gained considerable popularity due to its unique combination of safety and effectiveness. Whether you’re seeking a facelift, skin tightening, or body contouring, HIFU offers several advantages:


  • Minimal preparation: No extensive pre-treatment is required other than removing makeup.
  • Novel technology: HIFU utilises cutting-edge technology for aesthetic treatments.
  • Enhanced safety: Compared to cosmetic surgery, HIFU poses minimal risks.
  • Early results: You may observe visible improvements after just one session.
  • Non-invasive option: HIFU offers a surgery-free alternative for various cosmetic concerns.
  • Quick recovery: You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to facelift surgery, HIFU is significantly less expensive.
  • Faster results: While repeated sessions may be needed for long-term results, HIFU often delivers noticeable improvements within a shorter timeframe.


  • Multiple sessions: Individuals with significant skin laxity or photodamage might require more sessions to achieve optimal results.
  • Individual variability: Results may vary depending on individual factors.

It’s crucial to remember that HIFU might not be suitable for everyone. Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional is essential to determine if HIFU is the right option for your specific needs and to discuss potential side effects.

How is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Administered?

HIFU boasts a straightforward treatment process with minimal preparation involved:

  1. Makeup Removal: Remove any makeup and skincare products from the targeted area before the procedure.
  2. Cleansing and Numbing: Your healthcare professional will thoroughly cleanse the treatment area. A topical numbing cream may also be applied for added comfort.
  3. Gel Application: A layer of ultrasound gel will be applied to the cleansed and numbed skin to facilitate the transmission of ultrasound waves.
  4. Device Placement: The HIFU device will be positioned on the targeted area.
  5. Setting Adjustment: Using real-time ultrasound visualisation, your healthcare professional will carefully adjust the device settings for optimal treatment delivery.
  6. Ultrasound Pulse Delivery: Controlled bursts of ultrasound energy will be precisely directed to the targeted tissue for 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the specific treatment plan.
  7. Treatment Completion: The HIFU device will be removed once the session is complete.
  8. Follow-up Appointments: If necessary, your next HIFU treatment appointment will be scheduled.

During the procedure:

  • You might experience a mild tingling sensation as the ultrasound energy heats the targeted skin cells.
  • You can generally resume your daily activities immediately following the treatment.

It’s important to remember that this is a general overview, and the exact procedure may vary depending on the specific equipment used and the targeted area. Always consult with your healthcare professional for personalised guidance and information.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Works Best For

HIFU can be a suitable option for a broad range of individuals generally in good health, particularly those seeking to address the following concerns:

  • Facial rejuvenation:
    • Lifting of brows, eyelids, and cheeks
    • Tightening of the décolletage (chest area)
    • Smoothing of wrinkles
    • Increased skin elasticity
    • Turkey neck reduction
    • Improved jawline definition

Factors influencing successful HIFU treatment:

  • Age: While HIFU can be beneficial for various age groups, individuals above 30 years old with mild to moderate signs of skin laxity tend to experience the most noticeable results.
  • Overall health: Consulting with a qualified healthcare professional is crucial to determine whether HIFU is appropriate for your health profile.

Safety considerations:

Extensive clinical studies have established HIFU as a safe and effective alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries for facelifts, skin tightening, body contouring, and overall skin rejuvenation. Additionally, it offers the advantage of being non-invasive, eliminating the risks and extended recovery times associated with surgery.

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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Is Not Recommended For

While HIFU offers numerous benefits, it is essential to understand that it might not be suitable for everyone. Here are some groups who may not be ideal candidates for HIFU treatment:

    • Individuals with significant photoaging or severe skin laxity: HIFU may not deliver the desired results for individuals with extensive sun damage or very loose skin, particularly in the neck area.
  • People with certain medical conditions:
    • Those with cystic acne in the treatment area.
    • Individuals with metallic implants within the targeted area.
    • People with active infections or skin lesions in the treatment area.

What Sets SkinCarely Apart from Other HIFU Clinics in Melbourne?

Choosing the right clinic in Melbourne for your aesthetic needs can be overwhelming. SkinCarely stands out in the crowded field of HIFU clinics thanks to our unique blend of scientific expertise and personalised care.

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What truly sets SkinCarely apart is the way we tailor each treatment. Dr. Rahravan personally designs your treatment plan, considering your specific skin type and needs. This means you receive care that’s not just personalised but also built on a deep scientific understanding of skin health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)?

HIFU is an advanced technology for skin tightening and facelifting, offering significant improvements in signs of aging after just one session.

Does HIFU Really Work?

Yes, numerous studies confirm HIFU’s effectiveness and safety for reducing wrinkles and lifting the face.

Is HIFU Safe?

HIFU is safe, with clinical trials showing it effectively reduces aging signs without the risks of cosmetic surgery.

How Much Does HIFU Cost?

HIFU is more affordable and carries fewer risks compared to surgical facelifts.

How Long Does a HIFU Treatment Last?

Treatments can vary from 30 to 90 minutes. Sessions can be spaced every 3 to 8 weeks, with yearly touch-ups recommended.

How Many HIFU Sessions Do You Need?

The number of sessions varies by individual. Your therapist can provide a tailored plan during your consultation.

What Happens During a HIFU Session?

The process involves cleaning the skin, applying a numbing cream and ultrasound gel, and using the HIFU device for 30 to 90 minutes, resulting in a sensation of light pulses or tingles.

Who Is HIFU Suitable For?

Ideal for those beginning to see signs of aging, HIFU is great for skin tightening, facelifting, and body contouring, especially for those with moderate skin laxity.

What Are the Side Effects of HIFU?

Side effects can include temporary swelling, redness, numbness, or bruising, but these typically fade within a few days. Some may experience tingling for a few weeks.

Who Should Avoid HIFU?

HIFU might not be suitable for older individuals with severe skin sagging. It’s best to consult with a dermal therapist to find the most appropriate treatment.